Someday Soon

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"Someday America will have its very own TV and radio station devoted to just one thing: to teach people in their home, all the essentials of personal achievement."
- Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich (1967)

How To Become A Superstar

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ShineAs you look at the Stars crossing the stage during tonight’s Academy Awards, do you wonder what they have in common? If you could learn what it takes to become a Superstar in whatever you do, would that interest you?

I recently finished a great book called “Shine: A powerful 4-step plan for becoming a Star in anything you do” by Larry A. Thompson, Hollywood film producer and personal manager to over 200 stars.

He says that stars aren’t simply born – they explode themselves into existence. And you don’t have to be in the movies to be a Star. No matter who you are or what you do, you have unique Talents, a special “Star Quality”, and opportunities for success. But to unlock your Star potential, you need to shine a light on yourself and your dreams – using methods that have worked for countless celebrities.

I’m meeting with Larry over the next few weeks to discuss how he can provide his expertise and strategies to all of you. I’m excited about the possibilities and I’ll keep you informed.

Downsize Me!!

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Scan0003_2 On February 1st, I met with Michael Burgess, our Executive Vice President of Content. We were talking about getting in shape and decided to have a contest. Between now and May 1st, we’d see who could improve their bodies the most… using whatever program or plan they’d like. The loser would take the winner for a big expensive dinner so the winner could gloat. In talking about it, we decided to challenge the rest of the company. It became the “Better Life Challenge”. Here is Michael’s original email with the details…

Starting TODAY, you can participate in THE BETTER LIFE CHALLENGE! 90 days to a NEW YOU!

The Goal: to be the MOST IMPROVED in your physical appearance (weight, musculature), by May 1, 2005.

History: This program was devised through the co-incidence that Eric and I all commenced our Body for Life program yesterday. Upon realizing the importance of beating each other to a better body, we instituted a Challenge and you are invited to join in!

What you will win: Should you succeed in being the most improved as judged by your peers, you will win a fabulous meal for 2 paid for by those who have attained a less Better Life than you! (Commonly known as losers, but as Bill Phillips will tell you – there are no losers in this program – only winners!!) “Losers” will attend the dinner to celebrate their minor victory and winner will be given gloating privileges for the evening.

The rules: Take a series of shockingly bad photos of yourself right away! Take a few decent ones too. Front, side and back. Measure your weight, height and if you can, body fat percentage. You will do it all again on May 1. Most improved as judged by an internal, unbiased peer group, will win! This does not mean the most weight lost – it is all relative to your starting position. You don’t have to reveal your photos. It will only be necessary if you want to be selected as Better Life Champion. However, you must agree by entering the Challenge to take a photo of yourself at the end of the program (you are committed to seeing yourself before and after whatever happens). You do not need to use Body For Life or any other specific program. You can eat McDonalds all day, every day – whatever works for you. The only thing that matters is POSITIVE RESULTS!!! OK?

The rest of the rules: Taking after photos of other people, using PhotoShop to paste your head to their body, plastic surgery, steroid use and other forms of “performance enhancing” techniques are not allowed! If we haven’t thought of something, those entering the BLC (Better Life Challenge) will figure it out together. Otherwise, I’ll make something else up. We may offer a prize in each category: Overall Winner, Second Most Improved, and Most Improved Family Member. This is still TBD.

Suggestions welcomed! Take your photos NOW! And, may The Force of a Better Life be with You!

Michael Burgess
Self-nominated BLC Committee Chair

Michael’s email gives you a small glimpse into what it’s like to work at Better Life. In other words, we have a blast.

So far, over 80% of the Better Life staff as well as a number of friends and family members have accepted the challenge, using all kinds of programs. People are trying everything from the South Beach Diet, to Weight Watchers, to Body For Life, to the old standby of watching what you eat and exercising.

As for me, I’ve taken some shockingly bad before pictures (Sorry, I’ll have to work myself up to sharing them with the world). I started at 5’11’’ and 222 pounds. After the first week, I’m down 5 pounds (I know, I know… it’s all water weight). But I’m committed now. No turning back. Under 200 would be good. 190 would be great.

So, here’s my question for all of you… are you up for the challenge? Hmm? Want to do something positive to your body in time for summer? Why not? Now, you aren't eligible for any of our company prizes, but you can certainly challenge a friend, can't you?

Better Life Coaches on

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On December 26th, we launched a new initiative with America Online called AOL Coaches powered by Better Life Media. The concept was to create an online destination for people to find good ideas from some of the most trusted sources in Life Improvement. Our ultimate vision is to have this destination contain over 100 coaches offering advice on virtually every topic. At the beginning, we launched with five.






In the Personal Development category, we have Stephen Covey talking about The 8th Habit - “Finding Your Voice and Inspiring Other People to Find Theirs”.

In the Career & Business category, we have Tom Peters discussing how you can “Brand Yourself” just like you brand a product or service.

In the Family & Relationships category, John Gray offers insight into “Scoring Points With The Opposite Sex”.

In the Health & Fitness category, Jorge Cruise shares information on “Getting Fit and Looking Great”.

And, in the Personal Finance category, Jean Chatzky talks about how to “Take Control of Your Personal Finances”.

All five of these people are great and the information is pretty compelling. There are video clips, journal entries from the Coaches, customized planners, etc. inside the experience.

The Good News

Up until this week, it was only available for AOL subscribers so if people wanted to take a look at it, they had to sign up for AOL’s premium service. Now, as part of their new free internet content initiative, AOL has made it available on That means everyone can access it out for free! This is a great development. A few of the integrated tools (planners, alerts, etc.) won’t work if you don’t sign in with a screen name but you don’t have to be a paying member to see the rest.

To view the Better Life Coach experience, all you have to do is click on any of these links or go to and search for Coaches, Stephen Covey, Tom Peters, John Gray, Jorge Cruise or Jean Chatzky and their search engine will take you to this new (Free) service.

More To Come…

In the next few Months, we plan to add dozens of new Better Life Coaches to this experience. When they’re ready to launch, I’ll make sure to let you know.

We’re working on ways to make it more valuable but I’d love some feedback. What do you love? What do you hate? How can we improve it? What other Coaches would you like to see? It’s all fair game.