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Nanny 911 is Great TV

Posted April 13, 2005, 06:00 PM | Ideas For Life | Comments (3)

There is no question that television is mostly garbage. But there are some shows that really do a great job of providing valuable life improvement information in an entertaining format. Nanny 911 is one of them and, believe it or not, it's on Fox!

If you're a parent, plan to be a parent, or have someone you love who's a parent, you really should check it out. It airs Mondays at 7pm central and offers some incredible information on how to handle kids. Week after week, guess what the major lesson is? It's NOT the kids! In every case, the problem lies with the parents.

In a single hour, you see how a family is transformed from completely out of control to at least having some level of guidance on getting themselves onto a better path. It's an informational, emotional, inspirational ride. I'd highly recommend it.

Anyone else have any "Great TV" recommendations?


After reading this information about the Nanny TV program, Nanny 911, I have been thinking about this very stongly since I started my Organizing business in 1999. I feel our world is ready for Organizing Classes in the School System and for someone to create a very informative,fun & interesting television program about Organizing (there are several shows on cable at this time)on a weekly basis. The show would be about helping people to learn how to Clean, Declutter, Organize, Maintain, Consolidate, and Streamline their lifestyle's in their homes and businesses. I feel a show like this will help people get back on track and feel they have gained some control over their lives again. We need to get back to what really matters and start caring about about loving our lives again. Slowing our pace down just a little bit enough to feel that we can find some peace of mind again amongst the chaos we have created in our lives. I feel this would help our world right now! Thanks for listening, Ellen Zucker, Nashville, TN - "ezorganizing and "getting all caught up"

Posted by: ellen | Apr 14, 2005 7:01:13 AM

What about Extreme Makeover? Recently they have picked some great candidates for makeovers. People who truly deserve to go under the knife, not for vanity, but to make them look "normal."

Posted by: MYNIPPON | Apr 15, 2005 8:02:38 PM

I like this show too. But I think there's even more good TV out there. Check out my article "Why TV is good for you" at my blog,

Posted by: Shirley | Aug 30, 2007 2:51:27 PM

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