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The First Day of the Michael Jackson Trial and the Verdict is Already In

God help us, here we go. Yet another "Trial of the century". And, like it or not, the verdict is already in.

The Verdict: The mainstream media will do everything in it's power to make sure this trial becomes part of everyday news for the next 6 months, or until it's over.

The Sentence: The world has the privilege of being educated on such savory topics as child molesting, liars, bad parenting, celebrity over substance, pedophiles, how the world is an unsafe place, plastic surgery, manipulation, adult men sleeping with young boys, why you shouldn't trust your neighbor and dozens of other things I haven't thought of.

Now that's something for the whole family!

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a television network that decided to provide you with a break from all of that? A single network that was safe to turn on for your whole family without boring them to tears? How about a network that gave you hundreds of great ideas every day and, at the same time, reminded you of all that's right with the world?

That's exactly the kind of network Better Life Television intends to be and boy, do I wish we were on the air right now.

I think that people need a break from all the garbage on television.

I think that people need to be reminded of the greatness that lies within them and that they're not alone in their journey towards a better life.

I think that television is the most powerful tool ever invented to provide people with good ideas to improve their lives and that it's never come close to fulfilling it's potential.

And I'm convinced that there are millions of people who think the same thing.

If you're one of them, tune out the garbage and hold on.

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How To Become A Superstar

ShineAs you look at the Stars crossing the stage during tonight’s Academy Awards, do you wonder what they have in common? If you could learn what it takes to become a Superstar in whatever you do, would that interest you?

I recently finished a great book called “Shine: A powerful 4-step plan for becoming a Star in anything you do” by Larry A. Thompson, Hollywood film producer and personal manager to over 200 stars.

He says that stars aren’t simply born – they explode themselves into existence. And you don’t have to be in the movies to be a Star. No matter who you are or what you do, you have unique Talents, a special “Star Quality”, and opportunities for success. But to unlock your Star potential, you need to shine a light on yourself and your dreams – using methods that have worked for countless celebrities.

I’m meeting with Larry over the next few weeks to discuss how he can provide his expertise and strategies to all of you. I’m excited about the possibilities and I’ll keep you informed.

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Are You Serious About Improving Your Life?

If you've decided to making a positive change in your life, I have a friendly warning for you...

Once you proclaim it to the world, you're commitment is going to be put to the test.

I share this with you because just knowing it has helped me get through some pretty tough times.

Did you see the movie “The Truman Show” with Jim Carrey? It gave one of the best examples I can think of to describe what I’m talking about. In the movie, Jim Carrey (Truman) is part of a reality show. He’s been the star of it ever since he was born and he’s the only one who doesn’t know it.

The show is set on an island town in a huge soundstage and to make sure the star doesn’t wise up, the show’s producers, along with his fake mother, father, best friend, wife and the other hundreds of cast members do everything they can to manipulate him and keep him in line.

But Truman decides there is more to life than what he’s experienced and announces to the people around him that he’s going to find it. Do they support him? Of course not. Instead, they put on the full court press to get him back to where they want him. His best friend, his wife, his mother and father, the people at his job, the weather, you name it. The powers that be decide to really put him to the test. In the end, he had to be willing to literally put his life on the line rather than stay where he was, and it was that determination that allowed him to escape.

Think it will be any different for you and your plans for improving your life? It might not be as dramatic, but rest assured, the universe will test you to see if you’re serious.
- Family & friends will freak out
- People will get sick
- You’ll get distractions at your job
- There will be a family crisis
- You name it

That's the warning, but here's the promise... if you have the courage to stay the course, eventually you’ll break through to the other side. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but I can tell you that it’s absolutely worth it. Nothing feels as good as taking charge of your life.

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In a World Where People Think the End Justifies the Means, Randy Moss is a Superstar


It was announced yesterday that Randy Moss is being traded from my beloved Minnesota Vikings to the Oakland Raiders. Was it a spectacular trade? No. Was it the single best move the Vikings could have made? Absolutely.

I’m guessing that the Vikings finally realized that the end doesn’t always justify the means and there is more to a team than a single gifted athlete. They might have also decided that, by keeping him on the team, they were running the risk of coming down with organizational cancer.

The whole Randy Moss thing poses an interesting question… Just how much should we forgive the bad behavior of a gifted person? Should we appease them when they jump up and down and make their demands? When they treat others badly, should we help explain away their actions?

“You know, he had a tough childhood.”

“I’m sure that under his nasty exterior, there’s a nice person crying out for help.”

“I know he almost ran that person over with his SUV, but did you see him give a football to that handicapped kid in the end zone?”

Here’s my main point... this isn’t just a problem with athletes. Most of us deal with this in some form on a regular basis.

- The top salesperson in the company being forgiven incredibly bad behavior, because they bring in the sales.

- The maniac manager being given a pass because he or she hits the numbers.

- The abusive husband being given a pass because he’s such a good provider.

There’s a great lesson I learned from Connie Podesta, one of the Better Life Coaches. She says “people only repeat behavior that gets rewarded”.

What would happen if we decided to push back on the abusive or inappropriate people in our lives? What if we said, “either you change right now, or we’re trading you to Oakland?”

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The 5 Elements Of Life

Photo_rohn_1 One of my early mentors was, and continues to be, a gentleman by the name of Jim Rohn. If you haven’t had an opportunity to learn from this man, make it a priority. He’s one of the absolute best. One of the greatest gifts I received from him was in what he calls The 5 Elements of Life. I can’t tell you how many times this information has helped me. I hope you find as much value in it as I have.

1. Your Philosophy
The first element is your philosophy, how you think. Your personal philosophy is shaped by everything that’s ever happened to you in your life. All your experiences, relationships, environment, you name it. Your philosophy decides what’s important for you. If you take an example of a sailboat, you can understand that the wind blows on all of us. Your philosophy is the set of the sail. It’s what you do with the wind that blows on you. Some say it’s too hard to fight against the wind all the time, while others use that wind to their advantage. Same wind, different philosophies.

2. Your Attitude
The second element is your attitude, how you feel. Your attitude is hugely affected by your philosophy. If you think it’s important, it’s easy to have a good attitude about it. If you don’t think it’s important, you’ll eventually have a bad attitude about it. It’s as simple as that.

3. Your Activity
The third element is activity, what you do. We most often do what we feel like doing. If you have a good attitude about something, then you’ll tend to continue doing it. If not, you’ll eventually stop.

4. Your Results
The fourth element is results, what you get. We get results no matter what. Results are just a byproduct of activity, good or bad. Good results come from correct activity. Correct activity comes from a good attitude and a good attitude comes from a strong philosophy.

5. Your Lifestyle
And the fifth element of life is lifestyle, how you live. This is a combination of our capacity for living the good life and how we choose to use that capacity.

So, what you Think determines how you Feel.

How you Feel determines what you Do.

What you Do determines what you Get.

And what you Get determines how you Live.

When most people decide to change something in their lives, they work on changing the Activity. The flaw in that approach is they won’t be able to continue that Activity unless they have a good Attitude about it and they won’t have a good Attitude about it unless they change their Philosophy about it. This is the reason New Year’s resolutions don’t work and it’s also why some people are so cynical about their chances to improve their lives. They tried to change the Activities and couldn’t stay with it.

So, based upon all of that, what’s the most important area to focus on? It’s your philosophy, how you think. And based upon how you think, what’s important to you.

How do you improve your philosophy? You’ll hear this from me a million times. From the books you read. From the things you listen to. And from the people you spend time with. What are you reading? What are you listening to? And who are you spending time with?

Note: If you're interested in Jim Rohn's products, we have a DVD/CD set at Better Life and it's a good product, but to be perfectly candid with you, there is a better selection of great audio programs and you can get them by going directly to My favorite product has always been "Challenge To Succeed." Tell them I sent you. Maybe they'll give you a special deal.

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Solve All Of Your Problems... Instantly!!

Don't believe that? Tired of the same old empty promises? Me too.

I don't know about you, but I've had it with people offering "instant results" and "quick fixes" to everyday problems.

"The revolutionary one minute workout!" -- Get real

"You can become a millionaire overnight!" -- Knock it off

"Give us a week, we'll take off the weight!" -- Does anyone believe that?

You and I both know that anything instant... anything quick fix... anything magical or mysterious is a crock. Have any of those things ever worked for you? Me either. So, why is it that we crave what has never given us lasting results?

Reading one book is good to do, but it won't change your life. Neither will attending one seminar or listening to one audio program.

If it really worked that way, we'd all go straight to healthy, rich and happy.

In reality, it takes more than a one-time thing to achieve lasting results in your life. I've studied this for almost 20 years and if you look at the people who’ve actually made big, lasting changes in their lives, you’ll find that virtually all of them utilized five main elements:

1. They Wanted It Badly
For whatever reason, the pain of staying where they were became much worse than the pain of changing. They decided it was time and determined to make it happen.

2. They Found Good Ideas From Trusted Sources
Successful people know that they could have all the desire in the world, but their results would only be as good as the ideas used to create them. If you don’t have a solid roadmap, you’ll find yourself going faster, but down the wrong road.

3. They Reinforced Those Ideas Through Spaced Repetition
You don't change when you remember something. You change when you can’t forget it… when it becomes a part of you. In other words, a one time burst doesn’t work. For key concepts and ideas to become a part of a person’s life, they need consistent reinforcement and constant reminders.

4. They Improved The People They Spent Time WithThe law of Association says that “You’ll become the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. For some people that’s good news, but for most people that’s terrible news. When it comes to your associations, you have two basic choices… you can either decrease the amount of time you spend with negative influences or you can increase the amount of time you spend with positive influences. You will not believe the impact this will have on your ability to maintain positive changes in your life.

5. They Gave It Some Time
It takes time to find good ideas. It takes time to reinforce them. It takes time to eventually improve the people you associate with and to turn bad habits into good ones. Successful people learned to surround themselves with good ideas… constant reminders… and solid support… and then to give it some time.

This isn’t meant to be a seminar. It’s meant to open a discussion. What are your thoughts? What things have worked for you? If you have wisdom to share, let it fly.

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Downsize Me!!

Scan0003_2 On February 1st, I met with Michael Burgess, our Executive Vice President of Content. We were talking about getting in shape and decided to have a contest. Between now and May 1st, we’d see who could improve their bodies the most… using whatever program or plan they’d like. The loser would take the winner for a big expensive dinner so the winner could gloat. In talking about it, we decided to challenge the rest of the company. It became the “Better Life Challenge”. Here is Michael’s original email with the details…

Starting TODAY, you can participate in THE BETTER LIFE CHALLENGE! 90 days to a NEW YOU!

The Goal: to be the MOST IMPROVED in your physical appearance (weight, musculature), by May 1, 2005.

History: This program was devised through the co-incidence that Eric and I all commenced our Body for Life program yesterday. Upon realizing the importance of beating each other to a better body, we instituted a Challenge and you are invited to join in!

What you will win: Should you succeed in being the most improved as judged by your peers, you will win a fabulous meal for 2 paid for by those who have attained a less Better Life than you! (Commonly known as losers, but as Bill Phillips will tell you – there are no losers in this program – only winners!!) “Losers” will attend the dinner to celebrate their minor victory and winner will be given gloating privileges for the evening.

The rules: Take a series of shockingly bad photos of yourself right away! Take a few decent ones too. Front, side and back. Measure your weight, height and if you can, body fat percentage. You will do it all again on May 1. Most improved as judged by an internal, unbiased peer group, will win! This does not mean the most weight lost – it is all relative to your starting position. You don’t have to reveal your photos. It will only be necessary if you want to be selected as Better Life Champion. However, you must agree by entering the Challenge to take a photo of yourself at the end of the program (you are committed to seeing yourself before and after whatever happens). You do not need to use Body For Life or any other specific program. You can eat McDonalds all day, every day – whatever works for you. The only thing that matters is POSITIVE RESULTS!!! OK?

The rest of the rules: Taking after photos of other people, using PhotoShop to paste your head to their body, plastic surgery, steroid use and other forms of “performance enhancing” techniques are not allowed! If we haven’t thought of something, those entering the BLC (Better Life Challenge) will figure it out together. Otherwise, I’ll make something else up. We may offer a prize in each category: Overall Winner, Second Most Improved, and Most Improved Family Member. This is still TBD.

Suggestions welcomed! Take your photos NOW! And, may The Force of a Better Life be with You!

Michael Burgess
Self-nominated BLC Committee Chair

Michael’s email gives you a small glimpse into what it’s like to work at Better Life. In other words, we have a blast.

So far, over 80% of the Better Life staff as well as a number of friends and family members have accepted the challenge, using all kinds of programs. People are trying everything from the South Beach Diet, to Weight Watchers, to Body For Life, to the old standby of watching what you eat and exercising.

As for me, I’ve taken some shockingly bad before pictures (Sorry, I’ll have to work myself up to sharing them with the world). I started at 5’11’’ and 222 pounds. After the first week, I’m down 5 pounds (I know, I know… it’s all water weight). But I’m committed now. No turning back. Under 200 would be good. 190 would be great.

So, here’s my question for all of you… are you up for the challenge? Hmm? Want to do something positive to your body in time for summer? Why not? Now, you aren't eligible for any of our company prizes, but you can certainly challenge a friend, can't you?

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Better Life Coaches on

On December 26th, we launched a new initiative with America Online called AOL Coaches powered by Better Life Media. The concept was to create an online destination for people to find good ideas from some of the most trusted sources in Life Improvement. Our ultimate vision is to have this destination contain over 100 coaches offering advice on virtually every topic. At the beginning, we launched with five.






In the Personal Development category, we have Stephen Covey talking about The 8th Habit - “Finding Your Voice and Inspiring Other People to Find Theirs”.

In the Career & Business category, we have Tom Peters discussing how you can “Brand Yourself” just like you brand a product or service.

In the Family & Relationships category, John Gray offers insight into “Scoring Points With The Opposite Sex”.

In the Health & Fitness category, Jorge Cruise shares information on “Getting Fit and Looking Great”.

And, in the Personal Finance category, Jean Chatzky talks about how to “Take Control of Your Personal Finances”.

All five of these people are great and the information is pretty compelling. There are video clips, journal entries from the Coaches, customized planners, etc. inside the experience.

The Good News

Up until this week, it was only available for AOL subscribers so if people wanted to take a look at it, they had to sign up for AOL’s premium service. Now, as part of their new free internet content initiative, AOL has made it available on That means everyone can access it out for free! This is a great development. A few of the integrated tools (planners, alerts, etc.) won’t work if you don’t sign in with a screen name but you don’t have to be a paying member to see the rest.

To view the Better Life Coach experience, all you have to do is click on any of these links or go to and search for Coaches, Stephen Covey, Tom Peters, John Gray, Jorge Cruise or Jean Chatzky and their search engine will take you to this new (Free) service.

More To Come…

In the next few Months, we plan to add dozens of new Better Life Coaches to this experience. When they’re ready to launch, I’ll make sure to let you know.

We’re working on ways to make it more valuable but I’d love some feedback. What do you love? What do you hate? How can we improve it? What other Coaches would you like to see? It’s all fair game.

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Welcome to the Better Life Blog

Eric_blog_4Hello. My name is Eric Worre and I’m the CEO and Co-Founder of Better Life Media, a company dedicated to helping people improve their personal and professional lives (You can find out more about us by going to The purpose of this Blog is not to sell you anything. What I’d like to do is take you on a journey with us and, along the way, share some ideas… introduce you to some incredible people… offer some opinions…and take you behind the scenes as we grow our company.

As CEO, I’m entering this dialog without really knowing how it’s all going to play out. But I’ve decided that I’d rather have a real conversation with real people than to shower the world with glossy words designed to persuade them to think how I think. The reality is, without real people connecting in a real way, Better Life Media will never be more than just a good idea.

I’m looking forward to the discussions ahead, and I’m wide open to debate. If you disagree with me or any of the ideas posted, then let your opinions fly (but be ready to back them up).

Let me tell you something as we start. I believe you have greatness within you. No matter what you’ve accomplished so far in your life, you have talents and skills you haven’t even reached for yet. And don’t let anyone ever convince you otherwise. Regardless of what the cynics might say, a better life is possible for all of us.

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